Friday, 26 June 2015

Five of Britain's rarest wild flowers

Britain has a lot of wild flowers and rare plants that are not very well known so here I am going to show you five of Britain's rarest wildflower.

Thyme Broomrape

These plants are strange and ugly, yet alluring to most people who happen past one. This wildflower is parasitic on wild thyme in plant rich areas. When this flower blooms it opens as purplish grey then will gradually become brick red as it ages.

Spring Gentian

These wildflowers are so intense in colour that they have a colour named after them. It has a deep blue colour to it but this will eventually fade as the flower ages and this flower can be found in extremely high places.

Mountain Avens

This plant tends to grow in rockier areas which has a huge contrast to how beautiful the plant is. Its leaves look like miniature oak leaves and they look best when backlit giving the area they grow in a soft white halo.

Grass of Parnassus

This plant grows in damp places with a high rainfall and got its name from being found on mount parnassus in greece. This flower has a long stem and White bloom and is counted among many peoples favourite flower.


This is a very intricate wild flower with golden anthers at the flowers center and velvety purple petals. The calyx and the leaves are covered in a fuzz of very fine hairs and the seed pods are amazing to see.

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