Thursday, 14 May 2015

Best Way to go About Weeding


#Lots of people are current fighting a losing battle with weeds so I'm going to give you some tips to prevent any of these hostile takeovers.


Mulch is good as it will stop light reaching those weed seeds. It also holds moisture for your plants and nutrients for your soil when decomposing.

Boil Them

Weeds don't like boiling water, like most plants, so a good way to take care of your problem is to boil the kettle and shower them. You really shouldn't try this if they are close to any other plants you actually like.

Water Them

This sounds counter productive but wait. As soon as they are wet yank them out of the soil. Moist soil is easier to yank them out off and should save you some elbow grease.

Other Measures

Sometimes we people get lazy. So if yo cannot be bothered with permanently removing them just cut off the heads so they don't spread quite so fast. Everyone likes short term solutions.

Salt Them

Try pouring rock salt into crevices and cracks weeds find popular just be aware this will kill plants indiscriminately.

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