Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Strimmers or Lawnmowers

Some people are unsure of what exactly they need to get their lawn looking neat and tidy so I will point out some of the advantages of lawnmowers and strimmer.


Strimmers tend to be less expensive and take a lot less energy. They are often easier to use. if you want an even lawn on uneven ground then a lawnmower won't be able to to do it for you and a strimmer would be the better option. If your garden has a lot of turns or a lot of bushes that could get in the way of a lawnmower a strimmer would work better due to it being more maneuverable. strimmers are better when you want a bit more control over how high or low you want your cut to be as they are hand operated.


There are a lot of different types of lawnmower to cover a lot of different types of lawn from ride ons being used for acres that need lawned to self propelled mowers used for hilly medium to large gardens. Lawnmowers cover more ground faster and are generally easy to use. An issue with lawnmowers is its not always easy to get a straight cut and they are more affected by obstacles than strimmers are.  Robotic lawnmowers can also be used for small gardens and they complete the job without you being there but the issue with these is they only work on small garden and they are very expensive.

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