Thursday, 5 February 2015

Disposing of fertiliser

Disposing of your fertilizer depends on how hazardous the particular type of fertilizer is.

Organic fertilizers

These fertilizers are normally made of plant matter, animal waste or minerals that make nutrients more available in the soil. certified organic fertilizers  are usually OK to use on a garden or lawn and pose little environmental risk and can be disposed of normally.

Chemical fertilizer and bio-solids

These fertilizers are considered to be hazardous fertilizers and can encourage algae growth this sucks the oxygen out of lakes and can cause harm to the wildlife there.

Steps to dispose of your fertilizer.

See if anyone near you such as neighbors would like to use it thus removing the need to dispose of fertilizer altogether. Keep it stored in a cool dry place where no one underage or a family pet can get to it while trying to locate a hazardous waste facility for the house. When storing keep it in its original packaging and don't mix it with any other type of fertilizer as this could result in dangerous chemical reaction. Start looking for a household hazardous waste facility alternatively local garden centers may take it off you if you contact them.

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