Tuesday, 6 January 2015

3 Ways to Dispose of Garden Waste

3 Ways of Disposing Garden Waste

Its all very good completely upending your garden and sorting it out after months and months of leaving it in a state of disarray. But when the black bags start stacking up they are going to need a place to go. Here are three ways of getting rid of your garden waste quickly and effectively.

The Tip:

Your local tip will be able to accept all forms of waste and this can be a quick way of getting rid of garden waste efficiently.


Recycling your garden waste has never been easier! All UK residents have a green bin specifically for garden waste. However this green bin only holds so much. There is plenty of other ways to recycle garden waste though. Like creating your own fertalising pile or buying a worm bin. 

Call a Guy:

Call a guy is without a doubt the easiest option on the list for obvious reasons. However this way is the only way that costs you money (depending on your local tip) and it does not leave you any fertaliser for your garden. You can just do a google search in your local area to find someone quickly and easily.

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