Monday, 15 February 2016

Caring for Garden Tools

Taking care of gardening tools is a very easy job completed by few. I mean after a hard days gardening who wants to spend the next hour maintaining their tools for peak performance. However these three easy garden tool maintenance tips take no time at all and do wonders for the longevity of these tools.


After you are finished with your tools take a moment to quickly rinse off clumps of soil etc. This stops your tools from going blunt as well as giving them that brand new, just out of the shop look.

Linseed Oil

Once you have finished rinsing the tools give them a quick wipe with a rag soaked in linseed oil. This keeps them sharp and stops the tools rusting.

Dry Indoor Storage

Once you have given your tools a quick wipe do not let all these work go to waste by storing them in a wet place or outdoors. Keeping tools inside in a dry location literally doubles their lifespan. Off all the tips to follow make sure you take this one to heart.

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