Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Emptying a Chainsaw Fuel Tank

You should drain a chainsaw’s fuel tank if the saw is going to go in storage for the season or remain unused for more than three months. Occasionally, the tank may also require draining and/or cleaning for certain repairs. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured that the task of removing gas from the tank and cleaning it is relatively simple and requires only a few basic tools.

Run the Chainsaw until it Dies

Running a chainsaw engine until it dies is definitely the easiest way of emptying a chainsaw if not the most effective way. Running the chainsaw until it is dead ensures that minimum fuel is in the tank if any at all and anyone can do this even those with very little experience using and maintaining chainsaws.


If you are a little more savvy you could also simply use stabiliser over the winter months  to stop the need to drain the tank which can be quite time consuming. Only problem is you have to get the mix right and there isn’t exactly a stand procedure for every chainsaw as well as every time of fuel mix. The best thing to do is contact the manufacturer to find out more.

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