Thursday, 9 July 2015

The different ways to plant poles

There are a few different ways to put up a fence with the main methods being a fencing maul, a power auger and a post rammer. Here is a brief overview of each of these methods.

Power Auger

These are a lot better when there's a lot of posts to be put in but makes a large amount of them take a lot less time than any other method. With this method you need to start with a pilot hole the same diameter as the power auger around a stake marking the center of the hole to keep the auger from wandering when you start the hole. You will need a helper to help you steady the machine and start the engine according to that power augers specific instructions. Adjust the throttle a bit slowly at first until the auger begins to spin and bore into the ground but throttle up as and when needed. Be careful not to overdig as the added dirt will add a lot of weight to the auger.

Fencing Maul

Fencing mauls are good for the average job but do have the downside of also needing a helper. The method for this type of posting is to simply hammer the post into the ground. Start with a small hole and get someone who trusts you to hold the post over it while you ready the hammer. The way to use the hammer is to hold it with one hand at the bottom of the shaft and the other hand near the head when you swing. This will help you maintain both positioning of the hammer and force to push it into the ground. This method simply involves rinsing and repeating this for each pole and doesn't take too long making it ideal for short to average length jobs.

Post Rammer

Post rammers can weigh up to 17 kilograms and are normally a two man job to lift and use. A good tip for post rammers is to put it on the post while it is flat on the ground as this is much easier than trying to do it when it is on the ground. You will need to lift and drive the rammer at the same time as your partner and also discuss how many times you are going to drive it before starting. The rammer should be rotated 90 degrees every few strokes to help the post enter the ground straight. If the rammer gets stuck to the post take a rubber mallet and tap the sides at the top of the rammer whilst your partner lifts it. Simply rinse and repeat for fairly fast results if you have a capable partner.

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